Judgers Three

Jasmine riffled through an anthology of the monotonous variety while settling against a lamppost in the middle of campus. Adjusting her glasses, she watched a slender, sleek haired girl stroll up to a bench and pull out her phone.

“Gosh she’s thin…” Jasmine’s half eaten muffin received an accusatory glare. “You did this to me, darned tasty confection. I could look like that.”

Operation espionage in full swing, she watched the Barbie over a risqué poem by Whitman.

Finished with her phone, the girl gazed about, an angel looking upon creation with approval. “Fair and flawless. She probably knows it too, the princess. I bet she wakes up like that, ugh. Though, she’s more than likely a vain feather-brain.” With this comfort, Jasmine tucked a tuft of unruly frizz behind her ear.

A cute guy not so casually strutted up to the bench, and seated himself with confidence beside the blonde. “Attractive! Mmmmm look at those eyes… blue eyed men are the chocolate of chick flicks… That was weird.” Self-conscious, Jasmine checked around the green as though she had uttered her thoughts aloud.

He was smiling and gesturing pleasantly, but the girl stiffened. Her face soured until she twisted sharply and snapped something to the poor guy. Crestfallen, he strode away.

“What a cantankerous twit! I mean really!”  Jasmine audibly huffed in disbelief. “Even if she wasn’t interested (ranging on the imbecilic), she didn’t have to be so mean to the guy!”


Meanwhile on the bench…


Katrina’s cheeks flushed, shaking she adjusted her skirt. “Why are men so… brazen? To think you can just walk right up and expect a date? I mean, you could be a rapist! I’m not going out with you! Goodness, and the one liners make me wanna barf. They are all lame. Do you expect me to be an airhead who will think you clever, like you didn’t find it on the internet or hear it in a locker room? I’m so tired of this.”

Slumping, Katrina eyes watered. “I’m so tired of being hit on by every crude football player that goes to this school and wants to get laid. I wish a guy would talk to me because he likes… me, not just because he thinks I’m “hot”. Maybe I should wear baggier clothes.”


Further along the path…


Brett kicked an acorn, his thick brows converging in a knit. “Kyle was right, she is out of my league. Continuing to hope she would notice me in class would have been better than being rejected. But gosh, I like everything about her. Her perspectives are always so unique, and the way she chews her pencil when she’s concentrating…” He sighed and watched the passing students.

Clenching his teeth, Brett lengthened his gate. “You know, I bet it was the opening line Kyle gave me. I knew it was dumb. He’s such a jerk, and now I don’t get a second chance.”  He turned down the walk and towards the local pub.

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