Little Elephant

There was a little elephant
Tromping on the sand,
Waving at the ocean tide
In a pretend marching band


The waves played the symbols
The gulls the slide trombone
His imagination played the rest
In a magical land of his own


He trumpeted before the king
The Queen and all the rest
The fanfare it rose up about him
Then his audience he addressed


“My lords and dear ladies,
All people of court
This music has mystic power
No evil can thwart”


Just then a violent gust of wind
And a crash of waves disrupted
Their pleasant little gathering
Of Cheeriness fell now, corrupted


“No, stop!” The wee elephant did cry
“You cannot my music destroy
It is made of goodness, purity, freedom
You cannot ruin our joy!”


The North Wind hissed “yessss, but verily, I can
My breath stirs ‘round disaster
No being can escape me, Watch now!
While this torrent I fan faster


The sky grew so angry
The waves rose and crashed
The clouds billowed black above them
The lightening it did flash


The court fled in terror
Frightened and very wet
All felt lost, abandoned
So they cried quite upset


“Why us, why now?
What shall we do?
Help us dear elephant
Help us to get through”


The elephant scrunched his little face
Grew silent for a second
Then brightened like the very sun
And spoke as to be reckoned


“There can be light while there is rain
I really do believe it
Let’s search together now
So that we all may receive it”


“What do you mean dear elephant”
The king now demanded
“How can we find the beams of sun
When it has left us here, utterly stranded”


“Listen now, all about
The world still rejoices
The rain brings life and growth to us
Hear now the quiet voices”


The flowers sung a sweet, sweet song
The grasses sighed with pleasure
The trees would groan for the day
Yet tomorrow be laden with treasure


“The earth needs wind, waves, and rain
The dark, the sad, and scary
They make us grow, make us strong
Tough times are completely necessary”


When he’d finished speaking so
A break in the black sky came
Sunshine peeked right through the cracks
Encouragement it proclaimed


A new tune thus came about
Thrilling, tragic, rewarding
Bringing hope to weather any storm
Like a guide watching, guarding

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