Ivory Gown

My best friend and sister was married this past weekend, and it was glorious. This blog will touch on the highlights of the wedding for those of you who couldn’t attend or wish to relive the wonder.

The preceding week was filled to brimming with preparations, baking, parties, all climaxing in the event itself. Mom and Amy planned the whole thing from top to bottom and Amy’s roommates and the sister folk were irreplaceable in their crafting, arranging, and moral supporting the whole weekend.

I could talk about the evenings leading up to the day, fancy nights with creamy shrimp pasta, bruschetta, rehearsals, fancy cheese, wine, lingerie, and cheesecake, but instead, we will skip ahead to the wedding itself.

On a shallow stage, four groomsmen stood in gray tuxedos.  A low wall hemmed the intimate courtyard, and beyond swept a rolling hillside, meeting a wood in the distance. Evan, the groom, waited beneath a flowering bower while the ushers escorted the family. The honorary bridesmaids walked the isle with baby’s breath bouquets, followed by chiffon clad bridesmaids, bearing pink solitary roses.

Nephews of the bride sprinkled the path with petals, and the air quivered with nervous excitement.

Amy entered on Daddy’s arm, elegantly stepping towards her fairytale in ivory lace. The groom wiped a tear as he met his bride halfway to symbolize Christ’s pursuit of his church.

Evan was encouraged to give Amy complete, unconditional love, and Amy to give Evan respect and support regardless of his actions, also as a picture of God’s relationship with his people. They were told they will fail but that there is grace, and the strength of a marriage relies on the eagerness to repent and forgive.

My favorite portion of the service was when the two shared private vows before the unity candle, full of beautiful promises to be kept by the grace of God. The ceremony swept buy, vibrant with joy and meaning, and before you knew it the party recessed to “It’s a good day for marryin’ you,” entering the rustically refurbished barn for the cake, toasts, and dancing.

Father daughter dance

In the alcove, created by the adjacent silo, centered the three-flavored, three-layered cake Amy baked (with very little assistance) the day before the wedding. Jawdropping may commence. The separate tears were lemon blueberry, white chocolate, and vanilla crème. April assembled the confectionary tower and naked iced it with whipped sugar, gracing its layers with pink roses and baby’s breath (much aided by Bethany and structurally supported by Dad).

Wedding cake

Amy also baked the four chocolate fudge bundt cakes for the groom’s table. Ambitious, that woman. His table was woven with twinkle lights swathed in white and pink tulle. Every flavor was delicious, and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t typically like cake.

Bridal party, family, and guests mingled below chandeliers and amid scattered tables strewn with books, pearls, tea cups, candles, and flowers. Happiness pulsed like fireflies and smiles graced every face. No amount of description can communicate the energy of joy that night. Such moments give glimpses of heaven.

I want to end with my toast because it encapsulates my hopes and prayers for their future life together:

Amy, you are kind, super intelligent, intuitive, giving, purpose driven, hilarious, compassionate, and so darn fun to be with.

And Evan my favorite thing about you is how complete her and make her happy. You are a bold leader, trustworthy, dependable, and you look out for the little guy.

When I look at you two, I see a couple striving to better themselves and who have a passion for serving the world. Amy in her desire to grow and develop children’s minds, and to love on those who need it the most. And Evan through literally saving lives. I know that as you encourage one another to greatness you will become a powerful source of good, and I’m excited to see where life takes you.

Not all of your moments will be sunshine and daisies because life and marriage aren’t easy, but “happiness can be found in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

“God is [that] light, and in him there is no darkness at all.” You are reaching for Christ’s light but haven’t fully attained it yet, that is why you cannot depend on each other. I know that sounds crazy, but don’t. Be pleasantly surprised when they pull through and don’t be shocked when they act like a sinner and because they are going to act like it sometimes. We all have a bit of us that will cling to the darkness until Christ returns in his glory. Because of this encourage each other in your relationship with God. He is the only reliable source of strength. Don’t meet in the middle, meet Him, and find each other in His light.

You are each other’s gift from God. Not deserved, earned, or even permanent. It’s a privilege to have and to hold someone as your spouse, so savor every moment. Bask in the good times, and work to find the “blessings [that] come through the raindrops.” “Remember, you only have the breath in your lungs. It’s up to you to decide what to do with the time that is given to you.”

Fight hard not to take one another for granted, but live in thankfulness. Always take the time to look into each other’s eyes and really see each other. Even when you’re stressed, even when you’re busy or tired.

Some days will be difficult, but they will be perfused with moments like this when the light is overwhelming and it’s easy to rejoice. On those days, you’ll look around and find yourself saying with Anne Shirley, “It’s delightful when your imaginations come true, isn’t it?”

So let’s celebrate this wedding and God’s grace.

To Amy and Evan and their happily ever Lashar.


*Harry Potter          *1 John 1:5         *Laura Story “Blessings”

*Lord of the Rings         *Anne of Green Gables


P.S. Sorry for the lack of pictures. I didn’t carry my phone around with me that day, but when the photographer makes her’s public I will share. You can see what other’s have posted if you search #happilyeverlashar.

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