Ode to Books

Drown me in your cream-colored pages

Where ink and letter weave tales of the ages,

Where wonder and magic and chivalry rule,

Where mystery meets answer and justice the cruel.

Those crisp-light leaves dissolve my trials,

Replacing my harshest memory with smiles.

They take me on the most grand adventures

Of dragons and pirates and hoards of treasures.

Bound to the bed, yet I travel today.

Shall I a visit to Hobbiton pay?

Or dare a trip to a dismal dark future

Ruled by apocalyptic abusers?

Go I to a garden with Peter Cottontail,

Or the land of Oz on a stormy gale?

I earnestly want to visit Neverland,

Then through the wardrobe to Archenland.

There is no limit to where I can go.

What my mind reaps is what it will sow.

And when eyes grow weary of straining sight,

I’ll switch to audio and tuck in for the night.

*Be sure to catch my next post. It’s a crafty one.
There may be a Hobbit vest in my future!

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