Grousy the Mousy

An original children’s poem foreshadowing the topic of this coming Saturday’s post.

Grousy the Mousy was a terrible grump.
He frowned all around and walked with a slump.
“This is wrong; that is bad,” he said every day.
“This cheese, it is sour. The sky, it is gray.
Oh, what a day. Oh, what a day. Oh, what a terrible, terrible day.”

Cheerily the Chickadee asked, “Why are you sad?
Come, look and see; it isn’t all bad.
When the rain plitter-platters it makes a happy song.
Share a yummy nut with me, and we shall get along.
Listen to the song, the glorious song. Listen to the prettiful, prettiful song.

“Hear how the breeze plays through the grasses,
There go the bees, humming as they pass us.
See how the water ripples in the pond,
And how the lovely mountain rises up beyond.
Let’s play in the fronds, use ‘em like wands. They can be magical, miracle wands!

“They’ll turn your lousy frown upside down, 
And we’ll be prince and princess in our flower crowns.”
So Grousy the Mousy gave up his complaint
And enjoyed being thankful without restraint.
His heart did not faint, and he became a saint,
A delightful, un-spiteful, merry singing saint.


**Giveaway! All who comment on this post will be entered into a drawing to win the cover photo, a watercolor I painted this week! I will announce the winner in next Wednesday’s post.

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