Persephone’s Kiss

Resurrected Earth

Lo, in the ashes of the cold, dark winter
The changing wind doth stir and shift.
A sprout, a shoot, from dormant root
Doth peek, then leaf and lift.

See now bird and blossom bright,
Babbling brook and bumbling bee,
Where ev’ry hue paints colors true
With breath and life most free.

Spring has sprung into her dance,
A reminder that death has no hold,
That a cave gave back its precious soul
To make all broken hearts whole.

Persephone’s Kiss

In ancient Greek mythology, Demeter, sister of Zeus and goddess of the harvest, had a daughter named Persephone. One day, as Persephone danced in a verdant meadow, she was abducted by Hades, lord of the underworld, and spirited beneath the earth to be his bride. 

Demeter scoured the earth to find her daughter, swearing to withhold the bounties of the earth until she was returned. Alas, Persephone tasted the food of the underworld, the cursed pomegranate seeds, thus binding her in part to the kingdom of death. However, she was permitted to make an annual return to the land above, when she and her mother would grace the earth with the kiss of new life, so birthing the season of spring.

Spring Jubilee 

Oh sing a song of spring!
The air’s as sweet as honey.
Let us pick flowers
In these fragrant hours,
Kissed by Persephone.

Oh sing a song of spring!
There are fairies in the dell;
With birds they sing
As ladybugs wing
And dragonflies fly ‘round the well.

Oh sing a song of spring!
Children splash in the creek,
Where Frogs hop,
Rabbit’s ears flop,
And fearless fawns dare to peek.

Oh sing a song of spring!
Life blooms everywhere.
Leaves unfurl,
And young girls twirl,
White daisies in their hair.

Oh sing a song of spring!
There are merfolk in the lake.
Bright light shimmers
Off th’ scales of the swimmers
And the bubbles in their wake.

The carpet moss is lush
And the tree nymphs, how they bring
Leaves and fruit,
Sprout and shoot,
Oh, sing a song of spring!

*May the stars ever shine on your path*

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