Chronically Orange

My short story “Tatterdemalion” won second place in the Tulsa City-County Library Adult Writer’s Competition! Give it a read on their website or on my blog and share it with your friends and family, especially those with chronic illness, and let’s do what we can to spread sunshine where we may.

Chronically Orange

I am the rosy peach flushed dawn
Ready to spark awake,
Yearning to kindle to a passioned flame,
To set life and love ablaze. 

To touch the earth with color and light
With kindness and justice and beauty.
To change a generation, a person, a moment
For the better earnestly grips my heart.

And yet my life, the world, my body,
Fight me every step,
Dulling orange to an unfulfilled tarnish,
Cold and horribly still.

I cannot do it. Symptoms flare 
If I dare to try,
Starving my scintillae of oxygen.
What am I to do?

Will I ever reach beyond 
To touch the world with my fire?
Will I pass in a puff of smoke,
Never to gleam or glitter?

Regardless of the frightening unknown,
I resolve to try,
To gently glow with sunny purpose
Until my last breath is done.

**If you like this poem, you can help it out in a poetry competition by viewing it here and giving it a like.

May the stars ever shine on your path

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