Speck O’ Magic

A little scene to bring a bit of sparkle and encouragement to your day.

Brrring! Brrrring!

“Hello, this is June… Oh, hi, Miss Taylor… Yes, I had heard about it… Well, no. I hadn’t planned to… Thanks, I’d like to, but I just can’t right now… I know. Thank you for calling.” Click.

“Who was that?” June’s four-year-old brother, Patrick, tip-toed into the kitchen in his bare feet.

“Voice teacher.” June tousled Patrick’s curly blond head, “You hungry?”

“Sure.” He shrugged, and June lifted him to sit on the countertop and grabbed peanut butter and jelly fixings.

“What’d she want?” The boy’s curious little eyes blinked at her.

“Oh, there’s an audition at the community theater for The Music Man, and she wanted to know if I was going to try out.”

“Are ya?” Patrick stuck his finger in the cherry jam, fished out a glob, and stuck it in his mouth; June didn’t bat him away. 


“Why not? You’re a real good singer.” He swung his toes, “Nobody sings Moana songs better ‘n’ you.”

June laughed, “High praise. Thanks buddy, but I just can’t. Dad’s busy working all the time; I’ve got to take care the house and you buttercup.” June poked Patrick’s chest gently and when he looked down, she bumped his nose, just like mom used to.

Patrick grinned and sat up straight, “I’m almost growned up, ya know. An’ Steven’s mom said I can come over to play anytime, an’ Mrs. Landy says she’ll make us casserolies if we want.  ‘Sides Junie, you watch all the musicals and the acting Youtubles and sing and dance ALL the time. Might as well do it in front of people so you can make ‘em happy.”

“There would be too many rehearsals,” June licked the peanut butter knife, “and I probably wouldn’t get a good part anyway.”

“’Course you would. You’re the bestest! Not tryin’s the only way you’d not do good. You’ll see. Everyone will be like ‘Woowww.’ An’ daddy and me’ll come to your show and clap real loud. An’ I’ll say, ‘told yea’.”

“I don’t know…” June tucked a wayward curl behind her ear.

Patrick’s pale brows furrowed in thought. Then out of his pocket he pulled a small black marble with a burst of color in its heart. “Here, take this. That way you can do anything!”

June looked at the proffered glass, “But Mama gave it to you.”

Patrick grinned, “She said everybody needs a speck o’ magic. I think you need it more ‘n’ me.”

“Are you sure?” June cradled the sphere in both hands.

Patrick shrugged, “Maybe just to borrow.” With that, he took his sandwich off the plate, dribbling jelly on the tile floor as he skipped into the living room.

There went her lil’ speck o’ magic, and the last thing she wanted was to let him down.

The End

**Everyone needs someone to believe in them. Go be someone’s speck o’ magic today.

And may the sun ever shine on your path.

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