A Spark in the Dark

Oh, life what a tangle you are! Smiles and setbacks, pains and purposes, worries and wins. This week, sadness culminated, and just when I was feeling overwhelmed, God plopped a big ol’ blessing on my lap.

A few weeks ago, I looked up my library’s writing competitions and was inspired with a story that birthed itself, quickly, easily, and within the word count. A miracle! I asked my sister to glance at it. When she inquired after the due date, I replied that the themed challenge, The Unknown, was dated January through April, so we had plenty of time.

However, her question stirred me to double-check. People, the fiction short story entries were due in 10 HOURS!

(The essays and poems were due later).

Like a gem, my little sister got back to me within a few hours with her suggestions, and I sent the wee story on its journey to judgment.

Typically, competitions take weeks, even months to hear back from. Often, if you don’t win, you don’t hear anything at all.

So it was with GREAT SHOCK, that I opened my email a week later to find that I WON!

Needless to say, I am thrilled. But more than winning was the timing of it all. I needed encouragement and there it was. There is light in the darkness, my friends, always a bit of Gold in the Gray.

Life tramps on with hardships, but like soldiers with a token of hope in our pockets, we can journey on courageously.

Once the library has it up on their website, I will post the short story here and link the awards page. Until then, here is a brief craft post of things I’ve made this year.

For me, crafting brings a bit of peace and joy to my monkey mind. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or down, give your brain and heart a break to make something beautiful. I have no doubt, it will lighten your spirits.

This last grouping is my husband’s work. You can find him on Instagram: @lynn.hopkins

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