A poem, a craft, a story, a laugh, and I’ll send you on your way.

Photo by Tina Nord on Pexels.com


Little raccoon put down your masks
That hide what you really feel,
The too-loud jokes and rambling words.
Just let yourself be real.

Don’t shove your issues down, my dear;
Don’t distract yourself with tasks.
Take a breath and work things out.
Please set aside your masks.

Have strength, release your past of pain,
All things you cannot change.
Rest in the joy the moment provides.
You won’t regret the exchange.

Photo by Habib Beaini on Unsplash

This was an old shirt of my mom’s, which I transformed into a light jacket with my growing powers of stitchery! Mwahaha!

I wrote the first chapter of an adventure book! You can read it here.

Will & Testiment

The Premise:

Will’s crotchety Uncle Ronin has kicked the bucket. While most of the relatives only care about his rumored fortune, Will mourns the loss of Ronin’s unapologetic honesty, a trait he sorely lacks.
Chaos erupts in the Tearney household when Ronin’s Last Will and Testament is read. Instead of bequeathing his millions, Ronin leaves a riddle.
In this whirlwind adventure, Will and his cousin Quinn travel the world, solving puzzles, ciphers, and clues in a treasure hunt to earn their inheritance. Family secrets unfold as they learn how one man’s search for glory took a heavy toll, all the while competing against a vicious challenger for the fortune of their dreams.

Photo by KoolShooters on Pexels.com

Your laugh is a promise for next week’s post, which will feature a short story about a terrible tooth fairy and two unbearable boys.

~May the sun always shine on your path

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