Strap In

My, my, what a month! 

I spent it at my parent’s, while my husband served on the east coast with the Navy reserves, performing as a laboratory vampire to all the new recruits. A few weeks back, I won a flash fiction library contest with ‘Dead or Alive!’ It is a piece about an amputee who finds possibility in the face of despair.

Then, I finished the first draft of my novel Tramp, which I have been working on all year!

Me exaggeratedly celebrating the completed first draft of my novel.
Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on

Tramp is similar to It’s a Wonderful Life with subtle Pilgrim’s Progress vibes, and I am excited for when it will be fully completed.

I owe my unexpectedly high levels of productivity, in part, to being separated from my sweetheart, but also to an experiment I undertook.

I cut my TV time down to almost nothing.

At first, it was difficult, and I wanted to renege. I frequently feel terrible physically (due to POTS and other miscellaneous chronic illnesses), and watching the telly seems the only thing I can manage. But it turns out you don’t always have to be ‘doing’ something.

After a few days of going without, my brain EXPLODED with CONSTANT ideas. I was writing non-stop. Even when I was away from my laptop, I scribbled idea notes on anything to hand. It was crazy. As though I had suppressed my imagination by allowing television to fill it with thoughts.

There has to be a vacancy before something creative can fill it. A question must simmer before an answer will result.

I won’t lie, its absence is awkward sometimes. I feel the need to fill the silence in some other way, but beautiful things happen in the emptiness.

So that’s my gold nugget for encouraging creativity.

Photo by RODNAE Productions

Hopping back into my wild month, we had one week to go of our time apart when my father tested positive for COVID. Fiddlesticks! 

Hazmat protection against COVID
Photo by Michelangelo Buonarroti

Thankfully, he had a relatively mild case, and none of the rest of the family came down with it.

Lynn returned and our reunion was marvelous and romantic. But the day after we got home, I fell in the shower, gashed open my forearm, and badly bruised the nerve bundle. It’s a week later and still too painful to use my hand much. Thank goodness for the technological wizards who created talk-to-text!

So yes, a crazy month. But isn’t that what life is? 

A hero’s journey, a string of obstacles that challenge what and who we are. But when we have something worthy to live for, we pursue, fight, learn, grow, overcome, and sometimes fail, but always, we rise and rise again until Lambs become Lions.

Rise and rise again until lambs become lions.
Photo by Alexas Fotos on

~May the sun ever shine on your path as you fight the good fight

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